Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is Ed Miliband in the pay of the SNP?

I am actually AGHAST that the leader of the Labour Party could be so cowardly and so stupid for handing the scalp of Tom Harris - a prominent and talented of member of his own party - to the  Scottish Nationalists. Why the fuck did you do that?

And how much did the SNP pay you to deliver this own goal to the morale of your own party and the unity of the United Kingdom?

Even the racist Diane Abbot (who has racially abused white people and their ancestors as well as suggesting that black people are mostly slut and bastard gangstas who could never be represented by anyone black who believed in family values would be a better leader for white Labour  than Ed the Mad.

It is time for Ed to go now, go now, go now, go now, go now, go now, go now.    

Bye Bye Dead Ed, fuck off now, for the sake of your reputation and for the sake of the Labour Party.  Fuck off and die, for your own sake.   Have the decency to acknowledge you are not fit for purpose, when you were so out of touch that you could not see that saying you were too busy to marry the mother of your illegitimate children was a very Bad Thing.  

And if you thought people didn't care, it was because they knew you would never amount to anything.  

Fuck off, Ed, or beware the Ides of March ....

I think Tom Harris should be leader of the Labour Party.  I have said it before, and I will say it again.  The Labour Party, if it were wise, should dump that space oddity Mad Ed and choose Tom Harris, even if he is a bit of a coward because he often does and says the right things and then apologises for it.  Do that less, Tom, and people will like you more.   

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