Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compare and Contrast Muslim and BNP attitudes towards primary education

Fundraising Event in support of an Islamic education centre providing high quality but affordable primary schooling. By attending this event you will be helping to cuitivate the next generation of Muslims.

Highlights include:

* A luxury Three Course Meal
* Inspiring talks 
* Creche available for children over 3

It promises to be an enjoyable, memorable event for all the family.

Tickets are priced at £40.

This message I received suggests to me that Muslims think British education is degenerate and don't want to have anything to do with the kind of sex education that is being taught to primary school children or have anything to do with the children of slut and bastard non-Muslim working class whites.

Can we really blame them?

Does the BNP say anything about education, culture and morality? Does it fuck.

Its leader is too busy exposing his sex organ to women who lead him on to think about things like that.

After his expose in the Sunday Star, BNP men appear to be saying that if a woman leads you on, you can do no other than to follow her to your doom.

It would appear that they "think" with their sex organ while they fuck up their brains with sex and drugs and rock and roll when they are not busy blaming Muslims, Jews and foreigners for their degradation.

They are certainly too pussywhipped to blame their slut and bastard women.

They are too afraid to blame their slut and bastard women because they don't want to offend the SSMs from whom they are hoping for some cheap and easy sex.

Interesting that these Muslims with proper jobs and legitimate children can afford fund-raising meals like this while it is clearly beyond the reach of the typical BNP member who doesn't give two hoots about education or the future of their illegitimate children.

If the BNP are not whingeing about Muslims, the typical BNP supporter is just not interested.

All the typical BNP member cares about is how to extract the most from the welfare state before they pop their clogs, not to mention having as much sex as possible with as many sluts who will let them have sex with them.

Not just the typical BNP member either. Atheist liberals tend only to care about how much pleasure and benefits they can extract from the state before they die.

That is why the typical BNP member - who is mostly working class and atheist - isn't interested in reforming the welfare system or criticising SSMs.

While some may even acknowledge that SSMs supported by the welfare state have done the morals of the white working classes no good at all, they are not in favour of doing anything about it, because it would  upset too many of their slut and bastard core supporters.

Most atheists - especially atheists without children for whom they feel any parental affection - cannot think in terms of posterity or the long-term national interest, or anything beyond their miserable self-interested little lives.

Nationalism must mean the moral regeneration of the British people, or it will never amount to anything.  

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