Saturday, 5 May 2012

2012 London Mayoral Elections proves Democracy a pernicious nonsense

So today has shown that Londoners can't resist a toff who has been on TV and behaves more like a comedian than a serous politician.

It has also shown that most people gave their second vote to an air-head dolly bird whom they would secretly or not so secretly have sex with, for Siobhan Benita has all the attributes of a yummy mummy.

It has of course been a TERRIBLE result for the candidates of Eurosceptic parties whose combined vote would not have exceeded that of the pretty lady's.

I like to think that if I had remained the BNP London Mayoral Candidate I would have given the media a run for the money and said the things I felt needed to be said, particularly when answering the questions asked by Pink News readers.

I would certainly not have answered the questions like a mainstream politician of the LibLabCon, which was what Carlos ended up doing, for shame, for shame.

I would have discussed the eugenic purpose of the institution of marriage and invited the British to consider the reasons for their disgusting degeneracy, and suggest that they abolish their overweening nanny state for the sake of future generations.

It is sad to watch the BNP throwing away all the electoral advantage of being a fringe party who, like UKIP, tried to pass themselves off as an establishment party which meant being DEADLY DULL.

And that is why London voters voted for the pretty lady instead of the strange Uruguayan man at the BNP or the dullard Fresh Choice for London candidate.

Will Self at tells us it is not safe to be too safe and boring, because what happens is that the voter will be so bored he will just vote for the person they find most ENTERTAINING or FUCKABLE.

I may be no spring chicken but I think I can still probably do both if I lose a bit of weight, go more regularly to the hairdresser and tart myself up, better than anyone else in the political establishment.   I would win too, because I am prepared to take risks, and carry it off with aplomb, unlike the dullards and cowards who infest the Eurosceptic parties, who either think I am racially inferior or are just terrified that I might use their party as a launchpad to take over their country after I have abolished their laughable and contemptible political system called representative democracy, as indeed I would ....

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