Sunday, 20 May 2012

In praise of loyalist Griffinites of the BNP

They at least have got their heads screwed on.  There is no other party to go to.   

There is the NF which unashamedly and uncompromisingly states its desire to forcibly repatriate non-white British citizens.  Even the BNP abandoned this years go.

There is the British Freedom Party with its EDL add-on members, whose dress sense and demeanour could certainly not be said to be a credit to the British.   

There is the English Democrats, permeable and bland, whose strategy appears to be about taking any UKIP and BNP reject while boring the voter to death.   

Even after so many years of complaining about Nick Griffin's leadership, no one so far has emerged to rival him as leader.  

Why would the loyalists swap being on the inside of the party and being in the mainstream of nationalism and join a party certain to be even more ineffective and disappointing than the party they are already a member of?

(Ex-BNP members cannot even join UKIP who won't have anyone who was ever in the BNP.  It seems in this regard the Conservative Party is more forgiving.)

Can there really be such a lack of talent and courage in the nationalist movement?  Sadly, this appears to be the case, and so I reluctantly step into the breach and offer myself as leader.   

The only way forward is civic nationalism, ie non-racist nationalism.  And what better way of showing the voter you have changed your ways by having I, Claire Khaw, as your leader if you are a nationalist?

Now, let us be honest here.  If I were white and male, would nationalists not me falling over themselves begging me to be their leader?

Of course they would!

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