Thursday, 30 August 2012

Claire Khaw urges UKIP to promise to end no-fault divorce at conference

No-fault divorce encourages wives to divorce husbands for frivolous and self-serving reasons.  

Men who wise up to what a bad deal marriage is for them will stop marrying.  

When they stop marrying then Britain's problem of widespread illegitimacy will become even more widespread.  

Widespread illegitimacy = degeneracy = criminality = the decline and fall of your race, nation and civilisation

Will UKIP have the balls to arrest national decline and propose this at conference?

Not under Nigel Farage as leader, but certainly under Claire Khaw if she ever became leader.  

How ironic and shaming then that white men no longer know how to be men and are afraid of the worst and most immorally parasitical of their women - the SSMs who cannot be criticised or questioned.  They have to leave it to a female and a foreigner while they cower in dark corners, biting their trembling lower lip, afraid of the displeasure and wrath of their female partners and female bosses.  

Do the men even know why they are so afraid of these women?

Probably not, for they themselves have turned into fearful neurotic demented women in denial.   

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