Thursday, 27 December 2012

Public law specialist John Halford, Partner at Bindmans, has apparently not heard of the Datafin case

John Halford, Public Law Specialist at top London law firm Bindmans

John Halford is a public law specialist.

As a litigator, he has focussed on judicial review work since 1993, challenging the unfair exercise and abuse of power by public authorities, human rights breaches and discrimination. He represents individuals, campaign and action groups, unions, charities, schools, professional associations and regulators, arts organisations and commercial companies – not only as judicial review claimants, but also as interested parties and interveners in cases brought by others that affect their interests or those of people they represent. He has had a number of notable successes in high profile test cases in the Court of Appeal, the House of Lords and the UK Supreme Court. He has European Court of Human Rights experience at Grand Chamber level.
John is also a source of trusted advice on complex public law, professional disciplinary, regulatory, planning, EU and human rights law matters.

In the Chambers and Partners legal directory John has starred rankings (the highest awarded) in the fields of administrative and public law, human rights and civil liberties. He is also recommended for his professional disciplinary and police law work. The Legal 500 directory lists him as a leader in the fields of administrative and public law, civil liberties, human rights and healthcare. He is a past winner of a Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year award.

26 December 2012 18:48
From: Claire Khaw
To: John Halford
Subject: Is the Tory Party a public body whose administrative decisions are subject to judicial review?
Would Bindmans be prepared to act for me in this matter?
Claire Khaw

Thursday, December 27, 2012 6:40 AM
From: John Halford
To: Claire Khaw
Subject: RE: Is the Tory Party a public body whose administrative decisions are subject to judicial review?
Dear Ms Khaw
Political parties are not public bodies that can be challenged by way of judicial review in my view. I am sorry, but the firm cannot realistically assist you with this matter.
Yours sincerely
John Halford
Bindmans LLP

Thursday, December 27, 2012 11:06 AM
From: Claire Khaw
To: John Halford
Subject: Re: Is the Tory Party a public body whose administrative decisions are subject to judicial review?

Dear Mr Halford
I am surprised that you have not heard of which established the principle that decisions affecting individual citizens and society at large are now amenable to judicial review by courts.

Join the Conservative Party and you could become councillor, MP, a Minister of State and even Prime Minister. The administrative decisions of the Conservative Party clearly affect individual citizens and society at large.

It seems that you are now refusing to act for me because you think I am a crank precisely because I have had my membership cancelled by the Conservative Party.

Either that, or you really have never heard of the Datafin case.

Your sincerely
Claire Khaw suggests that John Halford's political views are very PC liberal indeed.  I now accept that his political views would have it very hard for him to represent me with any degree of conviction.

If something was a crime then it was a crime.  If someone was properly convicted of a crime, then no one has any business to now insist that it should never have been a crime, as John Halford appears to be saying.  I wonder if John Halford himself is gay.

Surely being gay does not give you greater moral authority than someone who is not gay?  If John Halford is really saying that, then the last thing I would want is for him to be my legal representative, especially if he has never heard of Datafin.


Would you like to nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year Honour for being the most entertainingly philosophical, political and theological Woman of the Year?  Go on, go on, go on!

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