Friday, 28 December 2012

Would Keith Joseph these days be permitted to remain a member of the Conservative Party?

"Sorry to see you have incurred the wrath of CCHQ. I doubt very much whether Keith Joseph would be permitted to be a member now."

Would he, too, have received the letter I received?

Thursday 20th December 2012

Dear Ms Khaw

I am writing on behalf of the Conservative Party Board to inform you that your membership of the Conservative Party has been cancelled under Part IV 17.7 of the Constitution of the Party, which states:

The Board of the Party shall have power to do anything which in its opinion relates to the management and administration of the Party.  It shall be ... responsible for ... the cancellation or refusal of membership, in its absolute discretion of any Party member ....

Yours sincerely
Stephen Phillips
Secretary to the Board of the Party

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