Friday, 28 December 2012

How to make the Conservative Party Conservative again

  1. Conservative Party members should write to Stephen Phillips, Secretary to the Board of the Party, and demand that the cancellation of my membership be rescinded.
  2. Once I am officially a member of the Party again, people will know that change is afoot and start joining the Conservative Party in droves.
  3. The constitution of the Conservative Party should be recognised for what a dirty nasty SHAMEFUL document it is.  
  4. All Conservative politicians worth their salt will demand that the constitution be changed.  They will then look at their constitution and discover that Part XIII Change to the Constitution is a complete and utter swizz.  
  5. When the constitution is changed the entire nation will know that the Conservative Party will finally be fit for the purpose of promoting Conservative principles again, and people now in UKIP and the BNP will finally return to the fold.  
  6. It must be acknowledged that, currently, the Conservative Party does not promote Conservative principles.  It only promotes "the principles of the Conservative Party" which are not defined and these are whatever the leader of the Conservative Party and his cronies say they are.   The principles of the Conservative Party cannot be found anywhere at   (Interestingly, this link has now expired when I looked again on 11 October 2014. Clearly, the Party do not want its members to look at the small print of the party constitution. Why? To avoid having to answer questions as to why it as no principles, presumably. It can now be found at  It is scandalous that the Conservative Party has mislaid its principles, or, worse, never had any.   This terrible state of affairs must be remedied at once or else even Conservatives will not know what Conservative principles are and will be at the mercy of all kinds of smooth-talking Etonian charlatans like Cameron and that ridiculous character called "Supermac".  
  7. Once Conservative principles are articulated and defined and included in the constitution of the Conservative Party along the lines I have suggested at, can there be any doubt that David Cameron and his ilk will be expelled from it in ignominy and disgrace when it is finally made clear that he is a filthy disgusting PC liberal and not a Conservative at all?  Can you remember him talking about "muscular liberalism" at  What he wishes to conserve is the kind of disgusting extremist PC liberalism that wants gay marriage.   
  8. contains detailed instructions of what you should do as a voter to oust Cameron and leave the EU, telling you to write to your Eurosceptic MP and tell him you will be voting UKIP if he or she does not write to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee proposing a motion of no confidence in Cameron PRONTO.
Is this not something to look forward to, dear reader?

Is this not something to fight for, tooth and nail, if you care that the Conservative Party has been hijacked by a convictionless cad who does not have the first idea what Conservatism means let alone what Magna Carta is?

Even if you could afford the fees, would you now send your son to Eton?

Cameron did PPE at Oxford.  I wonder how much Politics, Philosophy and Economics he really knows.  I think journalists should test his knowledge at every turn.   

Would it not be nice to make it impossible for imposters like Cameron to ever become leader of the Conservative Party again?


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