Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How Claire Khaw can help UKIP deal with its ideological and image problems

I really must congratulate the LibDems on this excellent piece of propaganda. I will still be voting UKIP, however, even as they refuse to let me join their party for being an ex-BNP member and even as their leader remains a moral coward.  

Of course, just because a particular UKIP donor says that the law against marital rape cannot logically exist because the whole point of marriage for a husband is to have sex with his wife, does not mean that UKIP wants now to abolish this offence.

My way of dealing with this question would be simply to require that a couple be legally required to agree a marriage contract before they can marry. The marriage contract would of course stipulate such terms as frequency of marital intercourse eg how many times a week/month/year, whether these rights can be rolled over or expire if unused within the time period in question etc.

A marriage contract would be an excellent means of enabling the court to apportion fault should the marriage break-up and fault can be measured by how much each party has failed to perform his or her part of the contract. Such a requirement would please lawyers licking their chops at the idea of the legal fees they will receive drafting these contracts as well as the litigation that would ensue when these contracts are breached.

It is just too bad for UKIP that they are too afraid of making me their Director of Communications and are leaving it to the very dull Paul O'Flynn who is not making much of an impact at all, as far as I can tell.

Some years ago I suggested that UKIP adopt the measures at but Nigel Farage wasn't interested, saying they didn't want any ex-BNP members.  This was ultra vires, I pointed out, but nobody was interested.

They had rules but could ignore them and make up new ones. They didn't have to have me in their party if they didn't want to, and that was that.

Probably, Farage thought that he was being clever by playing safe, but then people can just accuse you of racism anyway, whether Claire Khaw is a member of UKIP or not, as we have seen.

To attract even more support UKIP must be even bolder and more radical in its policies, and this means that they will have to propose the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 and the abolition of no fault divorce, thereby nailing its colours to an ideological mast of social conservatism.

Only then will UKIP get the support it needs, through polarising voters and creating clear blue water between it and all the other parties.  However, knowing Farage, he will probably retreat because he doesn't like trouble and is tired of people being nasty to him.

Repealing the Equality Act 2010 would garner it the support of small businesses and independent traders that it so desperately needs.

Abolishing no fault divorce would be a genuinely radical proposal that would enrage feminists whose sole purpose is to undermine marriage and thereby undermine the patriarchy, and then complain that men are no longer men any more.

I am prepared to let bygones be bygones and help UKIP deal with its image problems with my ideas and arguments.

If anyone wants to ask me questions about how I can help UKIP, please do so at


Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to vote, I might just vote for UKIP now in the European elections but only because I hate the left-wing parties.

Claire Khaw said...

UKIP are the biggest stick with which to hit the LibLabCon with. I urge everyone to make this stick bigger!