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Beta Males and a Pretty Boy make up the "men's rights movement" too afraid to call themselves antfeminists excited about Pretty Boy's new book telling men not to marry or pay for first date

Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd
Do buy it and tell me what you think about it.

I haven't read it but already know it is going to be a waste of time.

Esther Vilar's Manipulated Man

Erin Pizzey on 8 December 2014:
Dreadful interview on five live a few minutes.Theresa May is bringing in a new law that will criminalise coercive and controlling behaviour I tried to say that I don't see how this can be possible. If the partner is physically abusive and dangerous they need a safe place to reorganise their lives .but to criminalise bullying as far as I'm concerned is a stretch too far who decides what is bullying and what is not? Apparently the police will have to make that decision.The police are flat-out dealing with endless phone calls from quarrelling couples . This will only add to the senseless burden.there is this monstrous regiment of womenTheresa May Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, Patricia Hewitt and Vera Baird who have made their career raging against men. They seem demonising men and fathers as a way to garner votes.

CK: "You should join UKIP, Erin!"

EP: "Don't do politics I trust in God."

CK: "God helps those who help themselves. If you are going to retire into prayer, perhaps you would like to appoint a successor, Erin? Politics is not really for the prayerful and the senescent, after all.
If you are not up to the job, perhaps you will let someone else do it, with your blessing."

EP: "I don't have a job there is nothing to succeed."

CK: "What do you see as your role in this? And whom would you say is the most effective campaigner against feminism in this country?"

EP: "It isn't a competition Clair I. Think you are being rude and there is no place for rudeness on my Facebook page. All of us are working to a common end. Prayer and the love of God drives my life."

Gerwyn Cox: "She is a troll Erin Pizzey"

CK: I am not interested in competing for the sake of competing, but the situation is worsening while you seem content to marinate in complacency and apparently think nothing more than what you do and your prayers are enough to change things.

What *exactly* are you asking people to do?

Is what you are saying more than just a complaint without offering any solutions?

Then it is not ENOUGH.

Is what Mike Buchanan doing ENOUGH?

Do people not think he is deluded in thinking he and his party with that stupid long name is going to change things?

The only way is to get UKIP to take up this cause but they are not going to because Nigel Farage is a moral coward.

Perhaps you don't really care about changing or doing anything?

I want to actually do something and have a few suggestions.

I am for practical and political action and any movement must begin with a leader.

Is there a leader against feminism in Britain, Erin?

If there is I would like to know who you think he or she is.

What is a troll, Gerwyn? Someone who says things you dislike?"

Stephanie Smith: "Claire Khaw, please at least try to maintain a vague semblance of decorum and stop personally attacking people for not doing what you personally believe should be done. Erin is doing her best, and has been fighting for far longer than you have."

CK: "It is not ENOUGH. How else am I going to bring it to your attention?
Actually, I know none of you really care. You just come here to WHINGE without expecting anyone to do anything, like women wanting a moan and wanting a shoulder to cry on, right?
Is that it then?"

EP: "Clair I am sorry for you -you are a very angry woman after this I am going to block you.we don't behave like this goodbye."

Rob Didcott: "UKIP are not the answer even though they want to be all things to all men and women while not in power."

CK: "UKIP are not the answer even though they want to be all things to all men and women while not in power. "
What is the answer, Rob?
I can tell no one here is interested in solutions, only in whingeing."

Glynis Susan Hunt: "Claire you really are condescending in your manner. You should oh back to the beginning. Erin clearly states she has been in a debate. Something she frequently does to raise the profile of this issue. More to the point why not tell us what you personally are doing to fight your cause."

That is the kind of "constructive" activism you can expect from activists of the *old* school. They know they are going to die soon so they don't give a fuck. Anyway, UKIP would only kick her out and she couldn't bear the indignity of that.

This woman was recently on Womans' Hour. If you are invited on Woman's Hour, then you are one of the girls.

What did EP say on Woman's Hour?

Not much.

Did she even say the word feminism?


Is this fat old woman going to risk saying anything that would make the invitations for her to write the occasional article and appear in the media dry up altogether?

But because she has been there forever, she is squatting at the top of the tree pissing and shitting on anyone who thinks she should shape up or ship out and stand aside for someone actually prepared to do something CONSTRUCTIVE.

Fat old women about to die and who have nothing constructive to say except moan and whinge are not going to do much for anyone or anything.

Listen to all the platitudes she and her fans excrete: "we are all working together .. " Crap.

Are they even "working"?

Is posting on Facebook patting each other on the back for their services to mankind with no risk to themselves "working"?

I don't fucking think so.

All anti-feminist movements are made up of fat old dying cunts like her who would hate anyone else to succeed where they have failed.

In many ways it is very BNP and UKIP - elderly people who aren't up to much and don't see why they have to try any harder than they ever tried.

Believe me: if I see anyone who does what I am trying to do better than me I would work with them and help them or stand aside so they can do the job better, but not fat old platitudinous cunts like her, who can't even engage with me on the issues and then deletes and blocks me when it all gets too much for her tired fat old brain.

Antifeminists in Britain:

  1. Fat dying old Erin Pizzey
  2. Angry little beta male Mike Buchanan
  3. Angry (beta male) Harry
  4. Pretty Boy Peter Lloyd
  5. little old  me who is female, foreign but who has alpha male qualities.

There are peripheral groups that are sort of antifeminist like The Marriage Foundation, Family Education Trust and The Conservative [Catholic] Woman, but they do it oh so politely and are consequently suffered to exist but in practice ignored and dismissed.

ISIS are gonna come over and cut all your fucking heads off and make slave girls of your daughters and female descendants.

But hey, I know why you all love and support that fat dying useless old woman: cos she is all you know and you prefer someone you are used to, who is one of you - white, Christian - even though she is fucking USELESS.

She is gonna say her prayers and die and then leave you all to clean up the shit. Not her problem any more, is it, when she pops her clogs?


Her next "campaign" is to get  her brain dead retard sycophantic supporters to write to the BBC, woo hoo!

Erin Pizzey on 9 December 2014:

I have just launched a complaint with the BBC on the grounds of bias and inaccurate information. I intend to take this complaint as far as I can. I find it outrageous that the BBC can allow a avowed feminist organisation (women's Aid ) to take part in this programme without providing a balance to demonstrate that both men and women can be equally violent. I think that the BBC and Panorama have discriminated against male victims of domestic violence. 

Please would those of you who agree with me also fill in the BBC complaints on line.

Like the Blibtard Broadcasting Corporation gives a fuck what we think about BBC bias.

Sir Paul Coleridge: how to let a lesbian feminist walk all over you when you are trying to promote marriage and a former High Court Judge

Do you think I can do better?

Why don't you try me and see?

I can only be acknowledged as leader if you acknowledge me as leader.

But if you want to stick to know what you know and be polite then continue to ignore me and listen to the fat old woman who only prays and doesn't do politics, the pretty boys with books to sell and columns to fill for the Guardian and Mail and want to keep their jobs. then keep thinking they are the ones with the answers.

You should know that Fathers4Justice is run by Matt O'Connor's wife and Family Needs Fathers is terrified of losing their funding they will not risk antagonising the feminazis.

Men stitched up LONG AGO by feminazi legislation no political party dares to even talk about

What do you have to do if I am a leader?

Nothing particularly scary - just get UKIP to say they will abolish no fault divorce and repeal the Equality Act 2010 or at least explain why they are too scared to do so: cos they are afraid of alienating the female vote.

When you finally back them into that corner, sweetly suggest that they propose to abolish indiscriminate universal suffrage and promote the principle of no representation without taxation to disenfranchise all the parasitical sluts single mothers and their NEET offspring. I am  not the only who proposes this, for Ian Cowie, a Telegraph journalist, proposes the same thing too at

I am not going to order you to go over the top, drink Kool Aid or anything like that, just encourage you gently, at first, to do what you already know you should be doing but were too busy "looking after number one" or watching TV, or whatever, to do.

Tycoon driven to suicide by his gold-digger wife. What would you like to do to his ex-wife if you were late tycoon's parents?

Scott Young's death certificate should say DEATH BY GOLD-DIGGER
Tycoon whose death was caused by his gold-digging ex-wife. Not looking too good now, is she?

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