Thursday, 26 March 2015

Beta male antifeminist Mike Buchanan continues with his tactic of not engaging with Claire Khaw

Q.   Are you sure you are going about getting Mike Buchanan of J4MB to engage with you in the right way by insulting him daily?

A.  It would make no difference because that charmless petty little man with no imagination was never going to engage with me or anyone else.

Q.   Are you sure Mike Buchanan would have been just as dismissive of anyone else as he was of you?

A. is an example of how dismissive he is of anyone whose views he disagrees with. I actually don't know what he is on about because he hasn't bothered to explain his arguments but this kind of behaviour is typical in an arrogant petty little man with no leadership skills and no imagination.

Q.  How constructive do you think you are being by insulting Mike Buchanan and his beta male followers as often as you do?

A.  It is more constructive reminding them of their folly than giving up on antifeminism altogether. Even if these pathetic gutless beta male fuckers never listen to me it will at least be on record that I said loud and clear and lots of times that they are going about challenging feminism the wrong way.

Q.  How are you going about challenging feminism in the right way if no one listens to you either?

A.  I am saying that I will become unignorable if Mike Buchanan accepts my assistance ie to tweet on behalf of J4MB.

Q.  How will Mike Buchanan announcing that Claire Khaw is tweeting on behalf of J4MB help the cause of antifeminism?

A.  Because it is an interesting story that the media would be curious about in spite of themselves.

Q.  If Mike Buchanan were to announce that Claire Khaw is tweeting on behalf of J4MB, what do you hope the media will do?

A.  They would want to know why Mike Buchanan has chosen to accept my help, of course.

Q.  What do you hope Mike Buchanan would say if asked by the media why he has chosen to accept your help?

A.  He would be saying that I was right after all, however detestable my ideas and diagnosis.

Q.  What's in it for Mike Buchanan to say that you were right after the way you have been insulting him for so long?

A.   If he really wanted to defeat antifeminism, he would do whatever is necessary including acknowledge that my ideas that he finds so detestable are in fact correct and necessary to defeat feminism.

Q.   Have you drafted a press release for Mike Buchanan if and when he announces that he is letting you tweet on behalf of J4MB?

A.   He could just tweet "I have finally decided to let Claire Khaw tweet on behalf of J4MB. Please direct any questions you have on the matter to her." It really is that simple.

Q.   What would be the qualities necessary for Mike Buchanan to possess to do as you hope and accept your offer of assistance? Honour and humility.

A.   It would be honourable for him to stand aside for someone better able to fight feminism if he acknowledges the truth that I am in a position to do it.
He would have to have the virtue of humility to acknowledge that I am the better leader for all sorts of reasons ie my personal qualities and the current political environment. It is because of who I am that would make me a more striking figure for antifeminism than he ever will be.

Q.   What is the "current political environment" you mention that puts you in a better position than Mike Buchanan to challenge feminism?

A.   The fact that I am not male and white, of course. All men are lower than sluts in the West and Mike Buchanan is definitely a beta male. As a female and a foreigner, my position and people's perception of me would make me a more effective campaigner against antifeminism than any or even all of the beta males of Britain.

Q.   What would you say are your personal qualities that make you better able to lead in antifeminism than Mike Buchanan?

A.  The fact that I am female with alpha male leadership qualities and non-white. The cognitive dissonance the fact that I am not white and not male induces would make the media take an interest in me and the cause I promote, in spite of themselves. It is entirely understandable that despised beta males like Mike Buchanan would be complaining about feminism, but they cannot get round their heads why someone in my position - not male and not white - would wish to do so.

Q.   Mike Buchanan's position would be diminished if he allowed you to tweet on behalf of J4MB and yours would be enhanced. Can you think of anything that might induce him to suffer such a loss of status only to enhance yours other than for the good of the cause?

A.   If I am successful in challenging and defeating feminism, Mike Buchanan would of course be credited with having the wisdom, honour and humility to allow the cause of antifeminism to be led by me.

Q.   Why don't you give Mike Buchanan a call?

A.   I know the petty little man would only delight in putting the phone down so it would be a waste of time. I have however emailed him to show willingness to enter into negotiations.

Q.   What did you say in your email to Mike Buchanan?

To: Mike Buchanan
Sent: Thursday, 12 March 2015, 11:04
Subject: My formal offer to assist you in your General Election campaign
Hi Mike
I thought I would let you know that I am serious about this proposal and await your response.
Claire Khaw

Q.   Have you tried getting Mike Buchanan's followers to prevail upon him to stand aside for you?

A.   The trouble with being a beta male follower of Mike Buchanan is that beta males lack confidence, are risk-averse and give up easily. Even if they wanted to help they would be too weak, scared or stupid to know how to persuade him to stand aside or accept my offer of help.

Q.   Why do you think these contemptible creatures in J4MB who are women with penis extensions worth taking any trouble over?

A.   I don't do it because I respect or like these pathetic beta males who are too intellectually and morally crippled to be capable of acknowledging the truth of what I say, I just do it because I know the only way to get people to change their minds is to explain things clearly to people who don't want to hear what you say or do what you suggest. It is a test of my understanding of politics and psychology to know which buttons to press and leave his followers in no doubt as to why I am better fitted to lead antifeminism than Mike Buchanan. I have started so I will finish.

Q.   Do you think Mike Buchanan is afraid of you?
A.   Yes, but he should face his fear and at least be man enough to discuss things properly.

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