Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How Britain lost its world empire and why sexual morality matters

'Britain is an old and declining empire embarrassed by its weakness'

Parliament did not vote on war on 3rd August 1914

The two ruinous world wars Britain inexplicably fought

Paul Craig Roberts:

America became a superpower because of the self-destruction of other countries.

That's right, folks. Americans didn't actually fight for their overseas empire, the dumb ass British handed theirs to them on a platter.

7 August 2015

Descendants of cannon fodder complain about British foreign policy and the genetic and moral damage it caused to the British race. Gentiles being cruel to Jews should not surprise anyone who has seen Fiddler on the Roof or read The Merchant of Venice. Anti-Semitism has always been endemic in Christian Europe and the Catholic Church was clearly to blame.  

St. Pius V in the bull Hebraeorum gens (26 February 1569) did not reference blood libel, but he did make multiple accusations against the Jews, including: usury, theft, receiving stolen goods, pimping, divination and magic. He finishes with this accusation: "Finally, we have sufficiently investigated and explored how unworthily this perverse race attacks the name of Christ; how much hated it is by all those who bear that name; and, finally, with what cunning it plots against their lives."

Pope Benedict XIV wrote a bull Beatus Andreas (22 February 1755) in which he does not express any doubt concerning the murders of children ascribed to the Jews. He states they are perpetrated "out of hatred of Christ" and "out of hatred for the Christian faith" in his De servorum Dei beatificatione. In the bull he speaks about determining what is to be done "when there arises a case of this sort, which often comes to be put forward, concerning some boy who was slain by the Hebrews in Holy Week out of hostility to Christ, such as Blessed Simon and Anderl and also many of the other murdered boys whom the authors mention".

The Edict of Expulsion has not yet been repealed. 

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