Monday, 19 December 2016

Are British values feminine values? Are feminine values in fact feminine vices? Are all virtues masculine? Are all vices feminine?





  1. British values is the indispensable ingredient for British culture.  
  2. British values is a weasel word for British morality.
  3. British values is a sociological concept because the British men are too embarrassed about discussing morality, knowing they dare not discuss it in case they are accused of hate speech by a feminazi, their jobs lost and their career ended. 
  4. The British are degenerate, and the degenerate find it on the whole difficult to comprehend and define abstract philosophical ideas such as morality, much less discuss them rationally. 
  5. It was decades of unchecked feminism that produced our Idiocracy.
  6. Are British values Liberal values?
  7. Are Liberal values just policies that encourage sexual liberation?
  8. Are Liberal values feminine values?
  9. Are these feminine values really just feminine vices?
  10. Is the worst feminine vice promiscuity?
  11. Is promiscuity considered the worst feminine vice because it ultimately destroys civilisations? 
  12. Are civilisations destroyed by generations of bad parenting and progressively degenerate offspring?
  13. Are civilisations destroyed by the lowering of general standards of morality and ever lowering educational standards?
  14. Is the Culture of Victimhood a manifestation of another feminine vice?
  15. Is the elevation of victimhood a feminine strategy to prevent men from criticising the behaviour and beliefs of stupid and immoral women?
  16. Are Conservative values masculine values?
  17. Are British men who are Conservative content to let feminazis hijack the concept of British values and stuffing it full of their feminine values which are really feminine vices? 
  18. Have British men even noticed how much their women have feminazified their laws, culture and morality and progressively lowered their status until they are now nothing more than the slaves of sluts?
  19. If not, why not?
  20. Have British men been given some drug that stops them from noticing their lowly status and the high status of women who are mostly sluts?
  21. Have British been hypnotised by feminazis into not noticing what these evil women are doing to their society?
  22. Do British men know the purpose of social cohesion?
  23. The purpose of social cohesion is to protect your society, nation and civilisation from its eternal internal and external enemies by making men prepared to sacrifice life and limb to protect their nation. 
  24. How can that be done when all high status British men are not even prepared to risk their status by discussing morality and how it is linked to widespread bastardy?
  25. British men are now too frightened of each other to discuss such matters with each other frankly and rationally, and this cowardice now extends to senior male British politicians, who must resent their Prime Minister stuffing her cabinet with her mediocre female cronies while marginalising men who are obviously more talented and senior.
  26. How likely are childless atheist transgender gay men to risk life and limb to protect their society compared to a father of legitimate children who loves his wife and family?
  27. How likely are bitter divorced men to defend their estranged ex-wife and children from invaders?
  28. How likely are bitter divorced men who have had his property confiscated and deprived of his children to enjoy the idea of their ex being raped, robbed and murdered by the illegal immigrants these feminazis have so enthusiastically invited in?
  29. Is it the purpose of feminazis to destroy masculinity in order to weaken men and make them even less likely to challenge the feminazification of their society?
  30. Masculinity is a state of mind to do with knowing what their principles are and sticking to them.
  31. Feminists want to make the rules vague and confusing in order to discombobulate men. 
  32. Most men no longer know what principles are, much less what they are for.  
  33. Is the ultimate purpose of feminazis world domination?
  34. Will feminazification only stop when all women are sluts, all mothers are Slut Single Mothers, all children are bastards and all men Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers incapable of supporting marriage?
  35. Is feminism evil?
  36. If so, why would anyone want to swear to uphold feminist values unless they are either evil too or stupid?
  37. Should law reflect morality and if so what morality should it reflect?
  38. Is there any other kind of morality other than patriarchal morality? 
  39. The antithesis of patriarchal morality - in essence practising the human tradition of marriage and abiding by its most important rule - is no sex outside marriage. 
  40. Anything that strays from the principle of no sex outside marriage weakens social cohesion. 
  41. Anything that weakens social cohesion must be immoral.
  42. It must be immoral to weaken social cohesion by lowering standards of morality because the purpose of morality is to obtain group solidarity to protect your society, nation and civilisation from its eternal enemies. 
  43. The eternal enemies of society are sluts and socialists.  
  44. Why is feminism (also known as the religion of sluts) and socialism evil?
  45. Feminism and socialism require their adherents to ignore the truth in order to remain feminists or socialists.
  46. The undeniable truth that feminists and socialists are required to ignore is the fact that there are obvious differences between men and women and the way they think, speak and behave, and people are clearly not all equal. 
  47. Feminism and socialism requires its adherents to ignore the warning that the greatest injustice is to treat unequal things equally. 
  48. Egalitarianism -which both feminism and socialism encourage - is a denial of truth.
  49. Any ideology that requires you to deny truth will lead you into error and disaster.
  50. Will the media be discussing any of the points I raised?
  51. Will academia be discussing any of the points I raised?
  52. Will the House be discussing any of the points I raised?
  53. If they do not, does it mean that they are irredeemably corrupt and are now in effect the limbs of the matriarchy and already operated by feminazis and their running dogs?
  54. Is Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet and Gransnet, a feminazi?
  55. Is Ian Katz, her husband and editor of BBC Newsnight, a running dog of feminazis?
  56. Is the BBC in effect a mouthpiece of feminazis who both infest it and control it?
  57. Will UKIP leader Paul Nuttall propose the abolition of the licence fee in the UKIP manifesto of 2020?
  58. Will Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton discuss any of the above, or will he be too afraid of his wife - who will soon be his nurse - to do so?
  59. Are feminazis even more evil than neocons who also share their goal of  full spectrum global domination?  
  60. Are neocons and the CIA in effect the running dogs of feminazis?

Common decency saved Britain from falling into Fascism or Communism, according to Philip Blond. Is "common decency" sexual liberation to the extent of condoning underage sex, widespread bastardy, gay marriage, the emasculation of British men and the break-up of the family and no fault divorce as well as totalitarian thoughtcrime anti-discrimination legislation compelling the white man to pay obeisance to all the groups protected by the matriarchy, who are now higher in status than him?

The matriarchy being female and hypergamous, consisting of white middle class feminazis, despise all men in the class below them while having successfully emasculated all them men of their own class and the class above them with feminist legislation reinforced by all the feminine tactics of argument and elevated victimhood.

Successful white men can now be easily accused of a historic sexual offence without the need to find them guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a fair trial. Indeed, the accused in such cases has to prove that he did not do it.

Any man who dares challenge the matriarchy can be easily accused. The Directrix of Public Prosecutions is a feminazi herself and so is the Justice Secretary, the Home Secretary and the Prime Ministrix.

British society is breaking up because the Far Right cannot stand being governed by a matriarchy so contemptuous of the preferences of the very angry white beta male.  Radical Muslims cannot stand being governed by a government so clearly prioritising the preferences of the immoral woman and the Slut Single Mother who causes children to be born bastards and the children they have to be badly-parented and variously-fathered. It is really nothing to do with multiculturalism, though of course men always feel a greater hostility towards immigration than women because they feel that their interests are more directly threatened.

While of course the British must have a dominant culture, it must be a genuine that has evolved naturally and which they are all proud of, supported by the law. No one can be proud of their culture if their culture consists of nothing more than the following:

  1. The Culture of Entitlement
  2. The Culture of Excuses
  3. The Culture of Victimhood 
  4. Football culture
  5. Pub Culture
  6. Drug Culture
  7. Rape Culture ie Slut Culture (which includes the Culture of Regret Rape ie falsely accusing men of rape after regretting having had sex with them, sexting and being such a slut your ex exacts his revenge on you by posting revenge porn of you online)
Understandably, observant Jews, devout Christians and Muslims familiar with Koranic principles would know that totalitarian anti-discrimination feminazi legislation are fundamentally antithetical to their patriarchal religious principles. This proposal to make them swear to have their moral principles flouted and marginalised by an oppressive Big Sister government would only intensify the hatred of social conservatives against the feminazis now infesting British government and steel their resolve to defeat them.

Fat feminazi Louise Casey's report on social cohesion was the cause of Sajid Javid's proposal to humiliate migrants who are social conservatives by making them swear to uphold "British Values" as a condition of acquiring British citizenship. British values are in practice really no more than promoting policies of sexual liberation directly damaging to the institutions of marriage and the family. (It is of course the intention of feminists to destroy the Twin Pillars of Patriarchy.) In doing so they destroy Western civilisation, but evil feminazis now in charge of the ship of state don't care and won't be told. Imagine what English values would be like now if they were set in stone in Tudor times and all the subjects of Bloody Mary made to swear to uphold her Catholicism on pain of death, and you will see the fundamental philosophical objection against adopting this proposal. Can a repeat of the Spanish Inquisition be far behind if the matriarchy is not defenestrated before it does even more damage to society?

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