Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jews are also victims of the matriarchy

Israeli women lie in divorce, 99% commit perjury

Keith Joseph and Maurice Glasman were Jews who sacrificed their careers and became victims of the matriarchy to speak what they believed to be the truth.

Do not blame Jews for the insanity of our matriarchy. Blame the matriarchy itself consisting mostly of white middle class feminazis in public life who despise men of their own class and in the class beneath them.
Howard Flight echoes Keith Joseph's 1974 warning that 'our human stock is threatened' 

Joseph's hopes of reaching the top were killed off by his 1974 speech.

Asked by the Daily Telegraph's Mary Riddell whether he would support a total ban on immigration, even if just for a temporary period, Lord Glasman replied, "Yes. I would add that we should be more generous and friendly in receiving those [few] who are needed. To be more generous, we have to draw the line."

In response to a further question on whether he supported Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith's call for British jobs for British workers, he responded, ""Completely. The people who live here are the highest priority. We've got to listen and be with them. They're in the right place -- it's us who are not."

Labour Justice spokeswoman Helen Goodman circulated a critique of Blue Labour to all members of the Parliamentary Labour Party in which she claimed, "[Glasman] characterises as female all the aspects of New Labour he dislikes, whereas all the characteristics he applauds he draws as male. It looks more like something suitable for the psychotherapists' couch than a political tract."

Feminism causes anti-Semitism (as well as degeneracy, dementia, immigration and paedophilia) 

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