Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My proposed rules for admission into the alt-right

I don't think open homosexuals should be admitted into the alt-right, actually.

My point is that nationalism cannot be practised with patriarchy, patriarchy cannot exist without social conservatism, social conservatism cannot exist without obeying the most important rule of marriage - the forbidding and punishment of extramarital sex.

Without patriarchy, masculine men will not be produced in sufficient numbers and strength to defend the national interest so we can have rationally small and good government instead of an out of control neurotic nanny state.

You can be admitted only if you go back into the closet and are not caught cottaging.

Nor can you be admitted if you are the parent of illegitimate offspring unless you have been lashed 100 times per illegitimate offspring.

You can however be admitted if you are yourself illegitimate, because it is not your fault your mother was a fornicating slut.

I hope these rules are reasonably clear.

To control women, men must first control themselves.

This means shaming sluts.

Shaming sluts means there will be fewer of them to fuck.

But this is the sacrifice men must be prepared to make if they are going to call themselves nationalists who really really really want their country back from the Feminazi Deep State practising Transnational Progressivism, Sexual Liberation, Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism.

You can have sex with your wife or with prostitutes, but not with fornicating sluts and certainly not with each other.

Remember, gay sex is cheap sex. It is probably the cheapest form of sex you can have with another adult human being. Don't be a cheapskate.

But it is not at the moment safe to marry.

It will not be safe to marry until and unless no fault divorce is abolished and equality legislation is repealed.

This means you will have to campaign for the legalisation of brothels if you want to avoid having sex from women who withdraw their consent after sex in order to accuse you of rape if they feel a bit of a stupid slut for having been pumped and dumped by an unmarriageable man who didn't even want to marry them anyway.

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