Sunday, 23 December 2012

Claire Khaw's membership of the Conservative Party cancelled

Thursday 20th December 2012

Dear Ms Khaw

I am writing on behalf of the Conservative Party Board to inform you that your membership of the Conservative Party has been cancelled under Part IV 17.7 of the Constitution of the Party, which states:

The Board of the Party shall have power to do anything which in its opinion relates to the management and administration of the Party.  It shall be ... responsible for ... the cancellation or refusal of membership, in its absolute discretion of any Party member ....

Yours sincerely

Stephen Phillips
Secretary to the Board of the Party

That really is it.  There is no more information about what I was supposed to have done wrong.  The letter is also saying that I do not have a right to demand a reason and they  have no obligation to give me one.

This does not particularly surprise me though I was very flattered to asked if I wanted to be councillor when I attended their Xmas Party on 14 December.   

There is no mention of returning my membership fee (£25) either.

There is certainly precedent for treating political parties as public bodies as can be seen at

Democratic traditions prescribe periodic elections to transfer political power within the modern  nation-state. Political parties are quasi-public bodies which serve various critical functions to facilitate policy-making within multiparty constitutions. Myriad disputes potentially arise in the life of the party. Prior to 2008, two Kenyan statutory bodies, the Registrar of Societies (RS) and defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) regulated political party operations. This paper examines the judicial review of administrative decisions regarding leadership and nomination disputes in Kenyan political parties. To what extent can aggrieved officials, frustrated voters or unsuccessful aspirants challenge decisions by statutory bodies that wrongly recognize irregular party elections?

This is clearly saying to me that I have no future in mainstream politics.

I would like them to say exactly WHY and exactly which rule of theirs I have infringed.

It seems they are not obliged to give an explanation at all.

If my views are really so obviously transgressive and subversive, I would like to know exactly how and why.   

It says in the Conservative Party constitution that is the Party's purpose "to sustain and promote within the Nation the objects and values of the Conservative Party."

What are the objects and values of the Conservative Party?

These have never ever been defined.

Perhaps this is so that it means that in practice the objects and the values of the Conservative Party are whatever the leader says they are.

Is this not a tyrant's charter?  At least you can read the BNP constitution online at, and they do at least state what their objects are, but the Conservative Party constitution is dirty nasty little secret whose only object is to stay in power for the sake of staying in power with no regard for anything else, certainly not the long-term national interest.

The remedy I shall seek is that the Conservative Party be required to give a reason for cancelling my membership

When they give me a reason, it will be shown to be one or some or all of the following:

  • the decision-maker does not have power to make that decision, or is using the power they have for an improper purpose;
  • the decision is irrational;
  • the procedure followed by the decision-maker was unfair or biased;
  • the decision was taken in breach of the Human Rights Act; or
  • the decision breaches European Community (EC) law.

I expect to get lots of support and to be bankrolled in this legal action I intend to take.

After all, I am not the only one that the Conservative Party has deprived of membership in this way, am I?

At you will find the rights of members of the Chinese Communist Party defined, online and already in English, for the Chinese are actually rather proud of their party constitution.

Article 4. Party members enjoy the following rights:

1) To attend relevant Party meetings, read relevant Party documents, and benefit from the Party's education and training.

2) To participate in the discussion of questions concerning the Party's policies at Party meetings and in Party newspapers and journals.

3) To make suggestions and proposals regarding the work of the Party.

4) To make well-grounded criticism of any Party organization or member at Party meetings, to present information or charges against any Party organization or member concerning violations of discipline or the law to the Party in a responsible way, to demand disciplinary measures against such a member, or call for dismissal or replacement of any incompetent cadre.

5) To participate in voting and elections and to stand for election.

6) To attend, with the right of self-defense, discussions held by Party organizations to decide on disciplinary measures to be taken against themselves or to appraise their work and behavior; other Party members may also bear witness or argue on their behalf.

7) In case of disagreement with a Party resolution or policy, to make reservations and present their views to Party organizations at higher levels even up to the Central Committee, provided that they resolutely carry out the resolution or policy while it is in force.

8) To put forward any request, appeal, or complaint to higher Party organizations even up to the Central Committee and ask the organizations concerned for a responsible reply.

No Party organization, up to and including the Central Committee, has the right to deprive any Party member of the above-mentioned rights.

Current members of the Conservative Party (including members of the Cabinet) should know that the average member of the Chinese Communist Party has more rights than they.

There is apparently no right for a member to hear any accusation made against him or her.

His or her membership can be cancelled at any time at the absolute discretion of the Party for management and administrative reasons.

At the absolution discretion of a corrupt party machine, any citizen can be excluded from meaningful political participation, apparently.  

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That is why the Sixth Amendment is so important.

But the Sixth Amendment does not apply to Britain.

Do you think that it is right that anyone who wishes to participate in politics could have his or her right to participate in politics in a meaningful sense taken away without explanation or appeal?

What other party can you realistically join once you have been expelled from the Conservative Party?

Well, there is always UKIP and BNP, who will never amount to anything.

Perhaps it is understandable then why so many Conservatives are so contemptible and cowardly. Once they realise exactly how things are stacked against them, they just keep their head down, try to hang on to whatever position they  have in the party and try not to say anything controversial, ever.

Is this quite how politicians are supposed to behave?  I thought the point of them was to serve and represent the people by articulating their views and dealing with their concerns, rather than tell them they must be evil and extremist, racist and fascist for thinking and feeling as they do.

I know that I am not the only victim of   Part IV 17.7 of the corrupt constitution of the Conservative Party who are in effect able to end your political career without warning or explanation.

You are led into thinking, if you choose not to give up politics altogether, that something may yet be achieved by having a kind of political half life going from one Eurosceptic party to another. Of course, nothing is to be achieved by joining those despised pariah parties.

It would be quicker and cleaner to be taken out and shot and have the cost of the bullet charged to your family. Then we would all know where we stand.


What I hope to achieve for social conservatives by applying for judicial review of the Conservative Party's decision to cancel my membership without giving a reason

My open letters to the Conservative Party


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha merry christmas, what goes around comes around!

Democratic Nationalist said...

So will you be joining these British nationalist splinter groups instead then?

British Freedom Party

Freedom Democrats

Britain First Party

Britannica Party

British Democratic Party


Patria Party?

Were you not a Labour Party supporter?

Anonymous said...

Don't you get it, your not welcome any where or in any political party. You believe yourself to be right in everything, you consider yourself to be British when in fact your foreign.
You believe the lies you spin so much that you have gotten lost in your own web of lies and have lost sight of what it means to be a decent human being.

I recommend you try joining the Nazis party, they will have you and if they should chuck you out like every other political group has done, then you know your finished and should set your sights on humbling yourself.

Give it up Khaw, your wrong and the world is telling you that your wrong, listen to the people and retire gracefully back into your dream world.

BTW, you were never asked to be a councillor that day, more lies, your world is built on lies.

Be humble, learn to work with others to fix a problem and not aggravate the situation, be humble, just and kind and then maybe people will start taking you seriously.

Until then, the last laugh is on you.

Democratic Nationalist said...

Perhaps you should join the Respect Party, I think that you would fit quite perfectly well with them- plenty of Muslims, racial minorities like yourself and an elected politician who rejected this Feminist definition of 'rape' related to Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

Glad you don't feel hard done by, Claire? Let's face it- it wasn't for you! You've got to be a 'YES' man/woman to be in their company. They saw you as Agent Provocateur & someone who'd upset their their middle class & aristocratic Status Quo. I'd feel quite complimented.

Claire Khaw said...

To Anonymous of 23 December 2012 21:36:00 GMT

"what goes around comes around!"

What went around and what came around?

Claire Khaw said...

To Democratic Nationalist:

I have no intention of joining any party smaller and more useless than the BNP.

I don't really have to join a party to have my blog read by the political establishment.

Joining parties is just a way of leaving my calling card, so to speak.

My intention is really to ensure that what I say is being read by the political establishment and certainly by the members of the political parties I have joined.

Claire Khaw said...

To Anonymous of 23 December 2012 21:53:00 GMT

I was actually asked if I would consider standing for councillor at their 14 December Xmas Party.

I doubt if I will get the lady in question to repeat the offer now, however, or even admit to having ever raised the subject.

What the cancellation of my membership demonstrates is how corrupt the rules are and how much corruption and arbitrary exercise of power those rules encourage.

If you speak what you feel to be the truth you are ostracised and expelled.

But if you do not and just say whatever it is currently acceptable to say you are useless and contemptible as a politician.

It has been said that people get the government they deserve.

What I hope to do is propose certain much needed reforms, or at least start a debate about what reforms are needed.

I wish to bring to the attention of all who are members of the Conservative Party Party how very little power they have even if they make it into the Cabinet.

Ever heard of croneyism?

Anonymous said...

She still doesn't get it does she?

Anonymous said...

The Tories have treated you exactly the same way you treated everybody else, and the way you treated me. And if you do sue them I'll eat my hat.

You only joined the party so you could get your 15 min of infamy at their expense with a "full page expose" with in the Daily Star, complete with my gun and swastika flag, and be the centre of attention while your tag-alongs talk about you on your attention seeking facebook pages.

What next, a "Justice for Ian Brady, victim of a Feminist Conspiracy" fan page? Even those moslems are laughing at you, with your harebrained fantasies of "Caliph Mandelson and Lady Mandelson" ruling an Islamic Britain, that is devoid of a belief in god, utterly materielistic and totally lacking in human empathy and doesn't have any respect for the poor.

Nowhere to go for you now, I for one am glad you got a "shit sandwich" for Christmas, and you are back to nowhere which is where the rest of us are.

In the meantime let those of us with realistic goals, good hearts and solid principles get on with our own work and have a good think about what use you are to anybody.

David Jones.
Whirlaw, Todmorden

Claire Khaw said...

My ideas are clearly too subtle and nuanced for David Jones.

I hope and trust that the sharper shrewder members of the Conservative Party can see what I am trying to do.

Anonymous said...

They can see that you are an attention seeking troll that is nothing but trouble for a party trying to hold down the job of governing Britain.

I notice you can't actually answer the points. But then you never do do you, meetin the "high standard" of pure honestey that lawyers are known for (ie lying in every roundabout way they can).

Anyway, nobody is interested in your ideas, you are a nobody and while the same thirty people read your blog I am preparing next years leaflet offensive aimed at 2000 homes, mobilising against the bedroom tax!

What will you be doing? Oh yes, grovelling to hostile religions and brown nosing the rich while setting up fan pages for serial killers and peadophiles, trying to blame the female of the species for everything - nuanced?

Yeah thats nuanced! If you are going to be an internat martyr for something at least try to do something good and positive.

How about answering the point, you may be of a legal background, and as such their cowardice has rubbed off on you - but try not being an unfeeling coward your whole life, passing a cowards genetics on is a big enough crime in itself.

David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden,

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet my index finger against £200 from you that you won't sue the tories, that you are just blowing smoke.

What do you say? Or are you chicken?

David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden,

Claire Khaw said...

Don't quite see the point of taking the index finger off a man who doesn't have a pot to piss in. It would be very unsporting.

Anonymous said...

It proves that I am good on my word. Also that your "threat" to sue the Party is totally empty, that its talk for its own sake.

David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden,

Anonymous said...

No more unsporting than attacking a man in a facebook group he is barred from. No more unsporting than accepting food from such a guy and then shitting on him, lying about him, running away from facing up to what you have done.

No more unsporting than wearing jewelry and taking holidays paid for with the blood sweat and tears of morally innocent judge fodder.

David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden.

David Ross Mann said...

Brilliant idea: comparing the British Conservative and Chinese Communist Party constitutions. In Canada and the U.S., most likely Britain as well, Parties receive government subsidies. That being the case, the internal governance of political parties that accept public subsidies is a legitimate concern for all citizens, be they Party members or not.

Anonymous said...

Claire khaw is a NAZI! Turfed from the Tories- with not a snowflakes chance in hell of suing them, she's stoked. Can't blame them for fucking her over either, who in their right mind would want Claire khaw in or at their party? Lol. Come Claire, come. Join us plebeians down here.

Claire Khaw said...

How can I be a Nazi, you silly man?

Join you plebeians down WHERE?

Lord Palmerston said...

Sorry to see you have incurred the wrath of CCHQ. I doubt very much whether Keith Joseph would be permitted to be a member now.

david jones said...

please ignore the poasts signed by David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden,
this is a fake account. claire, i think you shd join the BPP and shake them up.
David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden,

Claire Khaw said...

If I did join the BPP he would just die!

Anonymous said...

Wow...the venomous responses to Claire seem to show the conservative party in a bad light. I do not know Claire or any of the responders on this blog. However ther ferocity of the responses clearly come from small minded people. It's this sort of discussion is the reason normal people have a total disdain for politicians.

Fight them if you can Claire.

Claire Khaw said...

I shall fight on the beaches, I shall fight in the courts, I shall fight in the fields and in the streets, I shall fight in the hills; I shall never surrender.

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