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On Carlos Cortiglia being announced as the BNP 2012 London Mayoral Candidate

Carlos Cortiglia the 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate

"It could have been me, and it should have been me!!" 

would be the words my detractors wish me to utter in public, stamping my feet as I tear at my hair, rend my garments and gnash my teeth before the ground swallowed me up, as it did Rumpeltstiltskin ...

I therefore dedicate this little thought-present to them.

But how do I feel, how do I really really feel?

Well, I  had thought it was too good to be true that I would be really be the BNP mayoral candidate, but everyone was being so encouraging that I had thought it would be within my grasp.

I was not however prepared to stop saying what I feel to be the truth and to express what I felt were rational views - or even put that on hold for a few months - in order to avoid this glittering prize being snatched from my eager grasp.

I do not mind making that sacrifice and demonstrating the high cost of free speech in Britain these days, because it is a very important point to make.

We know who is in power by whom we are not allowed to offend, and those whom we are not allowed to offend are women who make poor reproductive choices, and whose existence become a burden to themselves and taxpayers.

Carlos makes no such statements of course.  He knows that the leadership of the British National Party would not dream of criticising the behaviour of its own members, only the behaviour of liberals and the immigrants who enter this country in great numbers to take the bread out of their mouths at the invitation of the liberals.

Whatever is wrong with this country, it is all the fault of foreigners and liberals, never the white working classes who buy into the sex and shopping pub culture and drug culture of a consumer society - because they know no other, these white working classes who live for physical pleasures before they die, without the promise of an afterlife.

Of course the white working classes cannot compete against these foreigners, for the liberal political establishment discourages all the things that would enable the white working classes to become respectable and fit for purpose, such as a good education and the moral guidance afforded by a religion that would promote family life, unlike the current state religion that is the degenerate Anglican Church - infested by liberals and infected by feminism.

That is why the British have no culture to speak of these days - unless you can call drugs and sex and rock and roll a 'culture'.  If it is a culture, it is the culture of the primitive hedonism, or what animals would do if they could live like us.

How sad then that the white working classes have no one who will advise and warn them.  They have been abandoned first by the liberal establishment and now by their own party that purports to promote their interests.

I like to think that if I had very bad breath or if my bum really did look very large in the micro-mini skirt that I am too ugly, old and fat to wear, someone would point this out to me, either gently or brutally, but, no, the white working classes do not even have the benefit of  close family or friends, no one who will advise and warn them, because they are frankly beyond all help and hope, and are now only fit to be exploited by all and sundry, even by their own political party claiming to represent their interests.

How do I feel then about another foreigner getting the job?

I like to think I can retain my objectivity, though doubtless many would accuse me of having it in for Carlos now.

There is nothing wrong with a foreigner doing the same job a local can do, provided he can do it as well or better.

Oddly, none of the other white male applicants was formally interviewed, and the Organisers were only given the option of rejecting Carlos, and Carlos had been on the selection panel from the beginning in any case.

I shall of course continue to say that I am the best candidate the BNP never had.  I would have been the best candidate because

Imagine Claire Khaw being photographed with a BNP rosette attached to a burkha , brandishing the Britannic shield and trident ...

  1. I understand the media and know they like cut-and-paste stories which I help them to write, eg and
  2. I know journalists and have met them socially in my time.  (I believe Michael Cockerell took rather a shine to me at the Orwell Prize Award this year.  Whether he did in fact or not you will have to ask him.)  
  3. I write better English than Carlos.
  4. I speak better English than Carlos.
  5. I supported the right side in the Falklands War when Carlos was probably then an Argentinian nationalist (although he is in fact an Uraguayan).
  6. I could pass for English if you closed your eyes, but not Carlos.
  7. I have been consistent in my views.
  8. I am legally-trained.
  9. I am not afraid of saying controversial things, and, having said them, I am prepared to defend my positions through the use of logic and reason, however incomprehensible this is to the average Briton these days.  
  10. I never back down if I think I am logically and morally right.
  11. I could easily do better than the UKIP candidate because I talk their talk, in better written and spoken English than Carlos.
  12. BNP comrades have privately said to me that I am quite English in an odd way, eg I am like an English eccentric, and that I remind them of what the English used to be etc.  I like to think they are referring to my understanding of aristocratic codes of honour of a bygone imperial era that I gleaned and absorbed from books I have read about the English by the English.
  13. I feel that the role of the BNP is to say the unsayable rather than pretend that they can pass themselves off as electable politicians when everyone thinks they are mad, sad and bad anyway.  
  14. I have done a comedy course and know how to keep people engaged and entertained.
  15. I am known for my charm, wit, warmth, wisdom and inexplicable compulsion to stand up for the weak and oppressed, without for one moment expecting them to be grateful.  
  16. Liberals hate and fear me because they don't know what to make of me.
  17. Muslims like me, and no London mayoral candidate ever did well without the support of London's largest non-white community.   I would have the knowledge and have been prepared to point out the BNP policies that Muslims would find in line with Koranic principles, and have the chutzpah to solicit their vote.  (The Facebook Koran Book Club was my creation.)
  18. My Facebook walls are a hang-out both for the White Nationalist community as well as a prominent Orthodox Rabbi.  (The Facebook Mein Kampf Book Club was my creation.)
  19. I actually have positive and radical ideas that include all the peoples of Britain, rather than the usual anti-immigrant and reactionary negativity that the BNP is known for.
  20. I am prepared to take calculated risks.  Friends, lovers and enemies have called me "dangerous".  
  21. I have principles and relish all opportunities afforded to me of sticking to them, even if it means I don't become the BNP mayoral candidate and end up getting expelled from the party because of what I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, when I said would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby, nor pass the cost of its care to the taxpayer, like an unwanted parcel, and would expect the midwife to dispose of it for me.  Many people have  privately said they agree with me.  

He would be judged a failure if he does not do better than the UKIP candidate or if UKIP manage to narrow the gap.   

BNP   128,609
UKIP  113,651    

The gap between UKIP and BNP was 14,958 in 2008.

We shall see what we will see.   

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