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North East Patriots Meeting in Newcastle - 27 May 2012

Me and Andrew Brons

Edward and his wife Karen Allen,  and John McCaffrey

Karen Allen's husband, Karen Allen herself who was PPC for Houghton & Sunderland South in 2010.  It was she who provided the raffle prizes, Ken Booth tells me.  On the right is John McCaffrey, formerly BNP, now an  English Democrat

Jeffrey Marshall listening

Richard Edmonds

Kevin Scott, Andrew Brons, Jim Lewthwaite

Ken Booth, who allowed his BNP membership to lapse, enjoying the show

Peter Rushton about the election results

Andrew Brons giving a very good speech

Andrew Brons describing the Griffin Monster

Andrew Brons eloquent in his description of the Griffin Monster

Andrew Brons telling us of the Griffin Monster

Jeffrey Marshall saying he will reluctantly step into the breach if no one else will do it

I was charmed by Newcastle, its elegance and architecture.

Ken Booth made a few references to my Facebook controversies and looked meaningfully in my direction when he spoke about the unhelpful photos I had of myself taken with a certain Northern Nationalist to whom he did not refer by name.  Attendance was about 50.

Peter Rushton, the first to speak, referred to UKIP as "fake nationalists" during his talk which analysed the election results.

As it happened, there was a UKIP man there who told us that he too was "passionate" about his country. "Keep these meetings going, he said, "let's keep patriotism going."  All nationalists should vote for UKIP because it is the biggest Eurosceptic party around, he said.  While they have a long list of nationalist parties whose ex-members are banned from joining their party, people should continue voting UKIP anyway.  UKIP are however adamant that the ban should stay despite his and others' protestations.


This was the most interesting speech of all.  "There are challenges for us as a nation," he began.  "In the long-term it is a global challenge.  The West is becoming more and more impoverished.  We are in a shambles.  We may not even be able to survive as a nation to deal with the problems."

He referred to Hope Not Hate as "the Hate People".

They did not destroy the BNP, he said.  "We did it on our own."  He likened nationalists to people playing on in ouija board.  Consciously or unconsciously, the message nationalists are being given is that they are heading for DESTRUCTION.

Nick Griffin "craves personal power, uses lies and trickery and is indecisive"  He surrounds himself with Yes Men and people outside the party eg Jim Dowson, Patrick Harrington and allows them to take decisions.

According to Fred Coolidge, deranged dictators from all over the world suffer from the same three things:

  1. Narcissism
  2. Paranoia
  3. Sadism

In fact, Griffin behaves like "a gangster".   David Soane(?) the printer for the BNP in Ireland was told by Nick Griffin and his daughter Jennifer to fabricate receipts against Richard Barnbrook to stitch him up in order to win back the GLA seat.   Nick Griffin even claimed Andrew Brons owed him money which claims Andrew Brons denounced and repudiated.   Now Nick Griffin in trouble as result of that with OLAF [sounded like] which is some EU organisation that investigates fraudulent expenses claims.  [I do hope I have got this right.]  

Nick Griffin is further compared to Gaddafi, Assad and the character played by Sacha Baron Cohen in THE DICTATOR.   Wolfie Smith [whoever he is] was mentioned. 

Apparently, the only reason why Nick Griffin has not sacked Andrew Brons is because Nick Griffin thinks Andrew Brons wants to be sacked.  

Nick Griffin has driven out every person of talent.  The English Democrats and Andrew Moffat were mentioned.   Only deviants, simpletons, and non-party members are retained these days.   

The "disproportion response" taken by Nick Griffin against Eddy Butler, now in the English Democrats, was mentioned.   Andrew Brons admitted that he himself did not think the General Election results were that unsatisfactory [though Eddy clearly did, probably bearing in mind that UKIP failed to get an MP either.

The 840 signatures Eddy Butler was required to obtain before he was eligible to challenge the leadership was an impossibility.  It was even more of an impossibility because he was not even allowed to use the membership list.

"Look at the way Nick Griffin runs the party.  This is the way he will run the country." .  

"Nationalists are like Eeyore - they seem to want to go to a lonely place where we know we won't be followed.  English Democrats went to where the rest of us wouldn't follow."

If he thought it would make a difference, he would join the NF so he could die there, but he didn't think it would make a difference, so he will remain in the BNP.

He did not really think Nick Griffin is a state plant as many do.

He then made a rather puzzling reference to Obama, a bridge in Maine and unemployed construction workers and ended by telling nationalists to think and act rationally.

JIM LETHWAITE asked if BNP is toxic and whether nationalism can start in one region and spread nation-wide.   He remarked on the "collective passivity over Nick Griffin's behaviour" and proposed "a confederation of relatively autonomous branches" in Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North East and the Midlands.

London, obviously, is a lost cause.  In fact, he is not the first Northern Nationalist to say this.

Bloody hell, I thought, these so-called nationalists have more or less implicitly surrendered their capital city without giving any thought of trying to win it back.  I was reminded of China's frequent changing of its capital cities, according to how successful their invaders were.

QUENTIN HAWKINS (I think) said nationalism can win through the ballot box.  [I heartily agreed, but only if they implement the changes I recommend.]  It is always the party that says they are the only party who can do this who fail, he said.

There was a break and then I was allowed to speak on the subject of unity.

I tried to say that civic nationalism is the only way forward, because even the non-whites (non-white British citizens have been born here for generations now so they too are indigenous, technically) are complaining about immigration.  It is pointless to talk about repatriation either compulsory or voluntary because they are light years from getting into power.  It is unrealistic and pointless to insist on talking about this  as a badge of ethno-nationalism.   [Did I really say this, or did I only mean to?  I later asked Jeffrey and he said I just went on about the usual things I have been going on about for years, and he was a bit vague too.]  I tried to say, but do not know if I in fact said it, that if you cannot get rid of them the least you can do is to make them behave and even vote for you.  I mentioned too how popular BNP policies were  though of course their image needs a make-over to make the most of that instinctive peasant good sense that most people the world over really have, if they have not been brainwashed and indoctrinated.

After me,  JEFFREY MARSHALL spoke.  He did not think concentrating on the regions while ignoring the development of the national  party as a whole was particularly constructive.  The BNP brand was at  least recognisable and the little parties just did not register in the consciousness of the voter.

A blond rather handsome middle aged woman, Jan Purvis, who was a hard-line supporter of the 14  Words disagreed vehemently while he was making his speech.   She entirely rejected civic nationalism.   I think she even said that nationalist unity was now in fact impossible.  The best they can do now is stay together, stick to their ethno-nationalist principles, and reject the BNP.  It seemed to me a toxic mixture of complacency and despair.

[At least the BNP calls itself the British NATIONAL Party and embodies those expectations.  What will this woman call her non-party?  The British Regionalist Party?  The British Separatist Party?  Why, if civic nationalism is really so useless,  is UKIP always getting more votes than the BNP?  Why is 17%  of the vote that Marine Le Pen of La Front Nationale obtained something to be dismissed, sneered at and scorned when the British version of it is precisely nowhere because of these dinosaur attitudes that makes them refuse to grasp the ethno-nationalist bull by its horns and wrestle it to the ground?

Taking the bull by the horns - what British Nationalism ought to be 

What British Nationalism is at the moment
Hmmm.  It seems plans are afoot ...


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