Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Is it a sign of moral degeneracy that neither the BNP nor Adam Rutherford will discuss the eugenic nature and purpose of marriage?

You can breed plants and animals to breed in desirable characteristics and breed out undesirable characteristics.

However, since we are not farm animals and no one breeds us, sexual reproduction is left to the female. It is ALWAYS left to the female if you discount rape.

It is therefore imperative that the morals of the female are rational and responsible to prevent degeneracy.

However, since most men cannot get enough of free and cheap sex, most men are not going to do anything to limit the supply of slut sex.

The men who do not want to limit the supply of free and cheap sex are heterosexual bachelors and MCSFs (Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers).

Most British women are sluts, most British mothers are SSMs, most men are MCSFs and most people are bastards in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Worse, Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland and the rest of the West practice a system called representative democracy in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage.

The flaw of representative democracy is that it is unnecessarily divisive and the flaw of indiscriminate universal suffrage is that if the majority of voters are MCSFs, sluts and SSMs, they will never vote to change the system. Most drunkards and addicts will not think of seeking a cure until they have hit rock bottom. Decline is therefore terminal.

No one in the land is even acknowledging that anything needs to be done.

There are 5 stages of grief and nationalists have not even got past the first stage, which is DENIAL.

Because most people are atheists now, they are basically selfish sluts and bastards who don't care what happens after they die as long as they can carry on enjoying cheap slut sex.

Many people do not have children and those who do have children did not bring them up properly and probably do not much care for their ill-bred children even if they are still in touch with them.

These people only care about filling their boots before they die and don't give a damn about the mess they leave behind.

That is probably the reason why so many ethno-nationalists cannot bring themselves to support marriage.

They won't support marriage because they don't want to get married or already know that they are unmarriageable. If they supported marriage they would be mocked like an ugly woman with pock-marked face would be mocked if she tried selling face cream called beauty cream.

That is why no nationalist male will ever support marriage.

Even scientists are so infected by PC Libtardism that a scientist presenting a programme on eugenics pointedly blocked me on Twitter just for pointing this out at  Whither moral and intellectual integrity?

Dr Adam Rutherford - a scientist of integrity or just another pretty boy?
He blocked me on Twitter just for saying that he should consider the role of marriage in eugenics.

Below are some questions for Adam Rutherford to consider.

  1. Is marriage eugenic?
  2. Is wisdom eugenic?
  3. Is feminism dysgenic?
  4. Is chastity eugenic?
  5. Is morality eugenic?
  6. Is free speech eugenic?
  7. Is the purpose of eugenics to make your people who practise its principles better than other people who don't?
  8. What does it say about your moral and intellectual integrity if you refuse to discuss these questions when you discuss eugenics and block Claire Khaw on Twitter just for pointing this out to you?
  9. Do PC Libtards find it hard to admit that PC Libtardism is dysgenic?
  10. If you say it is OK for women to be sluts, is it any surprise that they start fucking losers and lunatics at taxpayers' expense?
  11. Are you an MCSF if you as a male academic presenting a programme about eugenics refrain from criticising government policy of paying SSMs to breed bastards?

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