Tuesday, 13 May 2014

YouGov: Scottish SLUTS to blame for imminent break-up of the Union. DISGUSTING!

The biggest shift has been among women. One of the features of the campaign so far has been the huge gender gap, with men only narrowly favouring the union, and women overwhelmingly opposed to independence. The gap remains big, but it is not as vast as it used to be. A month ago, women opposed independence by 68-32%; now the figure is 62-38%. Men divide 54-46% in favour of the union, little changed on our last two surveys.

What has happened? It’s not that there has been a surge in female support for the SNP. Their voting intentions for Holyrood are virtually unchanged.

Nor is it that women are coming round to the belief that they will personally better off in an independent Scotland. Just 17% expect this, much the same as the 16% we recorded when we last asked this question in December. Far more, 40%, expect to be worse off.

What has changed is what women expect for Scotland as a whole. Three months ago, 52% of women thought Scotland’s economy would suffer under independence, while just 22% expected things to improve – a vast 30-point chasm. Today, the gap has almost halved to 18 points, with 45% of women fearing that the economy would get worse, and 27% expecting it to get better. Once again, there has been little shift in the answers men give (33% worse, 44% better in our latest survey).

One possible explanation for the shift among Scotland’s women is that Alex Salmond has acted on past warnings of his lack of female support for independence. He has unveiled a new strategy for child care, offering a significant expansion if Holyrood wins full powers to tax and spend as it pleased.

It’s not often that a single policy statement changes votes. It is more likely that Salmond’s new policy has helped to counter a more widespread, perhaps sub-conscious, sense that independence is a macho project with risks that men are more willing to take. It could be that some women, hitherto nervous about independence, find a reassurance in Salmond’s child care policy that goes beyond the specific benefits that would go to families with young children.

What is to be done?

I urge Ann Coulter to visit Britain to propose the abolition of female suffrage, before they cause any more damage. We all know British females are infamously promiscuous and that most British mothers are SSMs.

Even if the Home Secretary (female) subjects her to an exclusion order it would still be worth the exercise, just to make a point.

Please, Ann, come, speak to us, and save the Scotties from Scottish SSMs bribed by Shrek, who wants to be King Alex of Scotland! They are stupid and don't know what they are doing, like most British people. The Old World needs you!
Ann's proposed Itinerary for her UK trip

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Anonymous said...

I'm Scottish. You get two main types of people here, lower class people and middle class people. The lower class ones can't even speak proper English. The middle class ones are a bunch of arrogant money-grabbing trend-following snobs. Neither group will achieve anything significant in terms of changing the world in any significant way.

There are tangible cultural differences between Scotland and England, but it's not as big a gap as some would like to make it out to be. There are definitely loads of single mothers in Scotland just as much as there are in England. It's the same with lower class women throughout the UK really, single motherhood is practically the norm.

Have you seen this?

Here's also a new page up by everyone's favourite crazy misogynistic genius, Simple Simon: