Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The self-evident truth that feminism denies

Some things are easy for men but hard for women and vice versa. Most women are easily offended and find it hard to think logically, for example.

Most men find it easy to talk about sports and politics endlessly which would bore women silly.

If we acknowledge these differences, then we would have to acknowledge that men find it harder to say no to no-strings sex while women have more offers of sex than they would like to accept.

The problem with feminism is that it denies this self-evident truth, and uses all its legislative power to suppress the pointing out of this self-evident truth: that men are the weaker sex at saying no to no-strings sex.

For most women, sex is a chore while for most men it is a physical and all-consuming imperative.

If sex were a drug then men would be the user and women the dealer. The cancer of feminism is now so bone-deep that expecting the Western man to denounce feminism is like expecting a drug-addict to call the cops on his dealer. Ain't gonna happen.

And that is why Western civilisation is going down the toilet and just voting UKIP is not going to be enough because UKIP are too afraid even to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

What does the elephant in the room consist of?

  1. indiscriminate universal suffrage
  2. representative democracy when we should have a one-party state that protects the rights of its members operating under the principles of Secular Koranism
  3. anti-discrimination legislation
  4. no-fault divorce
  5. gay marriage
  6. the civil partnership
  7. the consecration of our right to have extramarital sex (which is dysgenic) and the desecration of the institution of marriage (which is eugenic)
  8. the powerlessness of our politicians hence their despicable cowardice and hypocrisy
  9. the existence of the welfare state - another sacred cow - which supports all of the above making governments borrow recklessly to keep the whole shebang going

The operation of democracy prevents these tragic and continuing errors from being corrected and we are heading towards the edge of the cliff like lemmings.  

Please help me save Western civilisation by discussing this with any woman intelligent enough to understand this, even if you think she will disagree, become offended and never speak to you again.  

This would be your wife who will divorce you under the ruinous terms of no fault divorce, your daughter who will never speak to you again, and your slut girlfriend who will dump you, right?  

Ain't gonna happen, I know.

And that is why Western civilisation is going down the toilet.  

Any civilisation in which the overwhelming majority of men are afraid of women and husbands afraid of wives to even discuss politics cannot survive, let alone prosper. 

Can you imagine David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg discussing any of this with their wives? Or even Barack Obama?

I rest my case and my case is not based on a conspiracy theory. Men really are stupid and women really are crazy. Women are crazy because men become stupid the moment they say it is OK for women to be sluts, and women go crazy when they get the go ahead to be sluts.

We are all to blame if we do not work up the courage to confront the perniciousness of feminism.

Remember: once upon a time, a Wise Man created God to protect himself from feminism and his susceptibility to sluts.

When Aristotle said that the greatest injustice was to treat unequal things equally, he meant feminism would be the greatest injustice, and feminism is a cancer, waiting in the wings for its cue, for the right conditions to makes its entrance, to thrive and flourish. and then eventually kill its host ...

Athens did not become successful despite its alleged misogyny but because of it, but you won't hear classical historians like Mary Beard saying this, even if she agreed, cos she would be out of her job and out on her ear.

Feminazis have been victimising Camille Paglia for decades for speaking the truth.

Why Claire Khaw does what she does

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