Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Claire Khaw offers to stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party

1.  Have you really offered to stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for Mike Buchanan's political party Justice For Men and Boys?

I have indeed.

2.  How likely do you think Mike Buchanan is to accept your offer to stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for his political party?

I would say 50/50. He could say yes, he could say no.

3.  Do you think Mike Buchanan is more likely to say YES or more likely to say NO to your becoming prospective parliamentary candidate for Justice for Men and Boys?

I really wouldn't like to say anything more beyond that than it is in theory 50/50.

4.  Why are you being so cagey about your prospects of being prospective parliamentary candidate for Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party?

Because beyond saying that it is in theory 50/50 it is pointless to speculate.

5.  Weren't you sneering at Mike Buchanan and his antifeminist party with the stupid long name not that long ago?

I have to put up my hands up to that but I now see that it could be an interesting experience and an opportunity to generate some publicity, if Mike Buchanan is prepared to accept my offer.

6.   Would you say you owe Mike Buchanan an apology?

For what exactly?

7.   Do you deny that you have been abusing Mike Buchanan?

I believe some of my remarks about him could be considered to be quite rude, yes, but then I am sure he has been rude about me too.

8.   Do you regret being rude about Mike Buchanan?

I was perfectly polite to him until he said I was a religious fanatic and refused to accept my denials. Did you expect me to shut up and forget about it all? I am fighter, not a quitter.

9.   Do you think Mike Buchanan fears that if he lets you stand as prospective parliamentary candidate you would become a member of his one-man party and if you became the other member of his one-man party you would take over as leader?

I don't see what the problem would be if I did take over, if I am indeed the better leader.

10.   How would people know whether you or Mike Buchanan is the better leader of antifeminism?

They won't know until they see us both in action and are in a position to make comparisons.

11.   If you were the one who established an antifeminist party, would you let someone like you join?

Of course, because the idea of a leadership contest would be newsworthy and generate much more interest in the party and antifeminism than just me going up and down the country moaning about feminism as sole leader and member of my party.

12.   Do you think Mike Buchanan might feel too threatened by you to let you stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for his antifeminist party?

It is possible that he may wish to protect his position at the expense of seizing the opportunity I present him with both hands to generate publicity. He may feel too insecure and risk-averse to have anything to do with me because he dislikes my ideas, but my proposed association and/or membership of Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party can only draw attention to the cause and generate interest, and I hope he is big enough to see that.

13.   What has Mike Buchanan to gain by letting you stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for his antifeminist party if you have already said you want to take over the party even before your proposal today?

He would be credited with having the grace and humility to stand aside for someone who is clearly a better leader and with advancing the cause of antifeminism.

14.   How will you be popularising the cause of antifeminism by being the prospective parliamentary candidate of Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party when people will know you want to forbid extramarital sex and lash SSMs 100 times per illegitimate offspring?

I won't be popularising antifeminism at all, just letting men know what they have to do to regain the status they used to have.

15.   Do you not think that you would make people less likely to vote for Mike Buchanan's antifeminist party if you are its prospective parliamentary candidate and also known for wanting to establish a one-party theocracy in Britain as well as inflicting 100 lashes on people who have had extramarital sex?

I think he already accepts that he is not going to be the next MP for Ashfield, Nottingham. Indeed, he said the purpose of standing was to draw attention to the male victims of feminism. It is necessary for people to realise how deeply entrenched the matriarchy now is. Getting this message out is much more important than a few miserable votes that are not going to get anyone elected anyway.

16.   Why would Mike Buchanan allow you to join and stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for his antifeminist party if having you as a member and PPC would only make something already unpopular even more unpopular?

Because gaining popularity and votes is not the idea, getting the message punched through is.

17.   Do you really think Mike Buchanan wants to be associated with someone who wants to introduce sharia law in Britain and to inflict 100 lashes on anyone convicted of extramarital sex amongst your many many objectionable and detestable proposals?

That would certainly kick-start a discussion about what is necessary to re-establish the patriarchy and defenestrate the matriarchy, wouldn't it?

18.   Do you think male voters would want to give up extramarital sex in order to regain the former status they had in pre-feminist times?

They probably won't if you put it to them like that. Even if they are not persuaded at all, it should at least be put to them that forbidding extramarital sex is what they must do should they ever want to regain the status they used to have.

19.   So you are saying to an already unpopular man like Mike Buchanan that he should associate with you and become EVEN MORE UNPOPULAR?

He wouldn't be associating with me for the purpose of becoming even more unpopular, but for the purpose of punching the message through when so many people are wilfully deaf and blind.

If he cares about the transmission of the antifeminist message then there is only one correct answer.

If, however, what he wants to do is to TRY to be popular and pretend truly radical changes in our laws and social attitudes are not really required, then he really might as well not bother.

20.  What would you say is the difference between you and Mike Buchanan?

I am a visionary and he is a plodder.

21.   Will you continue to be dismissive of Mike Buchanan as you have been at if he lets you join his party and allows you to become a prospective parliamentary candidate?

Of course not. I would be civility, co-operation, charm, sugar, spice and all thing nice.

22.  So you are saying you would be singing Mike Buchanan's praises if he allows you to be prospective parliamentary candidate for his antifeminist party after you have been so rude about him. Aren't you being enormously insincere?

There is nothing insincere about refraining from criticising him in public.

23.   Wouldn't Mike Buchanan be a laughing stock if he allowed you to become prospective parliamentary candidate for his antifeminist party after you have been so rude about him?

I could easily draft out a joint statement that would make everything all right between us.

24.   Would you like to give us the gist of the joint statement you had in mind that would allow you and Mike Buchanan to have a workable relationship being the only two members of his political party?

I am sure the other prospective parliamentary candidates are also be members. If I join and there is only one of me, he is not going to be exactly outnumbered by little old me.

The Joint Statement I had in mind would be along the lines below:

"Mike Buchanan and Claire Khaw have resolved to bury the hatchet and work together in the run-up to the 2015 General Election despite known public disagreements in the past. Although they are not in agreement on antifeminism ideologically, tactically and strategically, it has been decided that at this very early stage of our challenge to feminism that no harm can be caused by actively airing them and having a full and frank exchange of ideas as a way of drawing the public into this very important debate."

25.   Have you converted to Islam?

To convert to Islam would invalidate Secular Koranism and I have no intention of invalidating Secular Koranism - my biggest idea.

26.   Why have you been talking like a Muslim convert?

Have I? When and where?

27.    You talk like a Muslim at Do you disagree?

In this HYPOTHETICAL situation, I imagined what a Muslim getting married would want and he or she wouldn't want to undergo a ceremony not recognised by the law of the land nor nor would anyone else who seriously wants to get married. Why go through a ceremony of marriage with no legal validity and end up having illegitimate offspring??

28.   You did not deny you were proposing Sharia law for Britain at, did you?

No, I did not, because Secular Koranism is based on the Koran - which I cannot deny - and is technically a form of Sharia Law, just one that has a different interpretation to theirs.

29.   Apart from not stoning adulterers to death and throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, what else is ideologically distinct about Secular Koranism to the kind of Sharia Law we all know and hate?

I am so delighted that you asked the question!! would change the place of pilgrimage every 4 years like the World Cup and the Olympics and piss off the Saudis big time. mentions wife-beating witnessing ceremonies that will only end in a slap on the wrist instead of an arrest for domestic violence. discusses sharia-compliant threesomes and mini-orgies with your wives says brothels would be legal under all governments run on the principles of Secular Koranism.

Finally, Secular Koranism is not a belief system but a LEGAL SYSTEM which can be administered by a non-Muslim judiciary after they have passed an exam in Koranic Knowledge, of course. It is just like being a Eurosceptic lawyer who specialises in EU law. You just have to know the system and its rules, not necessarily approve of it.

All you have to do to support Secular Koranism is be a social conservative. You can be a Jewish supporter of Secular Koranism, a Christian supporter of Secular Koranism and an agnostic, atheist and polytheist support of it, as well as a Hindu and Buddhist supporter of Secular Koranism.

30.   Apart from Secular Koranism, are there any other ideas you have which might be useful for antifeminists?

There is the ethology in my Slut Theory of Western decline. It basically says that even the President of the United States is lower than sluts because most women in the West are sluts, a significant proportion of mothers are SSMs/Slut Single Mothers (who are a cancer of society) and they all have the vote.

Mike Buchanan is probably shy of saying this, but then he is a beta male.

Actually, in a matriarchy all men are lower than omega females AKA Slut Single Mothers because all men are afraid to criticise them.

Keith Joseph - who was a Prime Minister in waiting - criticised them in 1974 and he never became Prime Minister. British men in politics have been TERRIFIED of criticising sluts for 41 years.

Only Claire Khaw dares to call a spade a spade and a slut a slut.

A properly ordered society would have an alpha male leader (with an alpha female who is his partner) and beneath him would be beta males (and their beta female partners) and beneath them would be the omega female (the Slut Single Mother who is the least desirable female partner for a male if he is looking for a wife and mother for his children).

In a matriarchy all this is inverted with the worst of women squatting over all men in society abusing the power they have got stupid men to give them. Time to tell feminism to fuck off GOOD, HARD AND LOUD.

Re-establishment of Patriarchy, End of Pornocracy.

This can be shortened to "ROP, EOP".

We can sell T-shirts and wrist bands for this too.

Oh, and to celebrate International Patriarchy Day on 3 August 2015.

To: Mike Buchanan
Sent: Thursday, 12 March 2015, 11:04
Subject: My formal offer to assist you in your General Election campaign

Hi Mike
I thought I would let you know that I am serious about this proposal and await your response.
Claire Khaw

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