Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How I would govern as Dictator of Britain and the use of AV to elect me

Should such a Dictator be elected using AV or FPTP?  I would suggest AV to make this dictatorial candidate work harder to position himself (or herself) on a broader popular base.   I am confident that I can do this reasonably well.

Please note that I would not abolish elections.  Even Dictators need to know how they are doing to stay in power and elections are required to let the ruler know what the governed think of his (or her) policies.  

In fact, I would allow the burning of effigies of myself because that would be a good way of knowing how much one is hated and give a dictator a chance to mend his (or her) ways.

A quick request of how many effigies of me have been ordered would be a much quicker way of knowing what my people think of me than commissioning some hugely expensive YouGov or MORI poll.

Clara Khavius would be the Latin version of my name.   

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