Saturday, 28 January 2012

My submission for the 2012 Wolfson Prize (1st Prize £250k)

“If member states leave EMU, what is the best way for the economic process to be managed to provide the soundest foundation for the future growth and prosperity of the current membership?”

My 21 Point Plan for all current members of the EU for future growth and prosperity:

1. Start printing own currency.

2. Withdraw from both the euro and the EU.

3. Institute a barter system to be used while new currency stabilises.

4. Default, but guaranteeing savings only, and let the losses fall where they may.

5. Abolish usury.

6. Cut taxes, deregulate and repeal unnecessarily restrictive PC liberal socialist feminist laws.  Remind people that our freedoms consist of the (a) freedom of association (b) freedom of expression (c) freedom of contract (c) the right to property.

7. Establish citizens’ militias to deal with civil disorder and crime.

8. Establish soup kitchens (which will also serve as unofficial labour exchanges operating the same number-wearing system as Thai brothels in Patpong) so no one starves.

9. Establish brothels so never-married mothers have some means of earning a living with flexible hours.

10. Grant a temporary right to bear arms to respectable non-criminal citizens until things quieten down.

11. Encourage marriage.

12. Decree that no marriage can take place without a marriage contract.

13. Decree that all marriages will now have their terms either renegotiated or be put in a standard default form.

14. Decree that no divorce can take place without blame being apportioned to be reflected in the divorce settlement.

15. Treat never-married mothers as women who are a degree below prostitutes.  If there are two women: a prostitute and a never-married mother, say, a man should give up his seat for a woman who is a prostitute but not a slut single mother (“SSM”).  He gives up his seat to the prostitute first.  Only if the prostitute declines should he give up his seat to the SSM.

16. Repeal totalitarian liberal anti-discrimination thoughtcrime legislation in employment that encourages those who are disabled, of the “wrong” sex orientation, the “wrong” race, the “wrong” sex and the “wrong” age (as far as the employer is concerned) to sue their employer that make businesses reluctant to hire because they cannot easily fire.

17. Praise the masculine virtues of enterprise, risk-taking, courage and reason.

18. Denounce the feminine vices of promiscuity, hypocrisy, cowardice, and irrationality.

19. Destroy feminism as a respectable political orthodoxy, implement Secular Koranism (ie national law infused with Koranic principles) which include capital and corporal punishment, family values, direct democracy - "shura"  - and a 20% flat rate income tax – “khums” to return society to masculine and parental authority and away from the matriarchal dementia that has been inflicted on us, to avoid civilisational extinction.

20. Praise respectable married women for being good wives and mothers while denouncing SSMs.

21. Abolish the welfare state to prevent feminism from ever raising its ugly head again.

I have also entered the Orwell Prize.

My submissions for the 2012 Orwell Prize for blogging are as follows:


Unfortunately for me, Suzanne Moore and Hopi Sen - both with known Labour connections - are this year's judges.  Suzanne Moore (an SSM herself as well as a socialist and feminist) has even started a campaign to get people to block me on twitter and unfriend me on Facebook too, I believe.   I do not therefore expect to make even the longlist if Suzanne gets her way, so winning the Wolfson Prize would be a very nice consolation prize indeed.   

are links that catalogue the evidence of the Orwell Prize Left Liberal bias against me in totalitarian "liberal" Britain.  

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